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Кепка & Шапка & Носок

■ Номер товара: ST100344
■ Материал: poly-cotton
■ Размер: 11 " Икс 7 "
■ Цвет: сортированный
■ Выходные данные Метод: Шелкография

■ Цены:

Количество Цена C
1000 US$0.894
10000 US$0.42
40000 US$0.343
100000 US$0.3
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Baking essential tool for removing food or mold from the oven and microwave, also used for cooking in the heat skid.Heat Resistant Glove With Heat-resistant Pad Protect From Scratch, Bump, Dust.It Is Convenient And Practical.The Oven Glove Is Great For The Kitchen, The Barbeque And Handling Other Hot Surfaces Around The House Or Projects Around The Home.

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